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Chet Baker, Bobby McFerrin, Chick Corea, Diana Krall, Enrique Morente and Camarón were just some of the artists who played at the San Juan Evangelista between 1966 and 2014.  This University Halls of Residence in Madrid  also known as "el Johnny" gave a lot more than just food and accommodation to its residents, it had something special; its vast array of activities were organised, managed and promoted by the students themselves, including conferences, film premieres and concerts.  

In its early years, when Spain was still under the Franco dictatorship and cut-off from the rest of the world, el Johnny became a cultural hideaway).  Its Music Club was born to help quench the thirst for live music lovers in Madrid.  Nobody could imagine how popular this venue would become, hosting some of the worlds most famous jazz and flamenco musicians in the last 40 years.

DVD a la venta en


Year: 2016

Genre: Documentary

Length: 61 minutes
Country: Spain

Production Company: Pocket Rocket Films

Writer and Director: Andrea Barrionuevo

Associate Producer: Daniela Salazar

Production Manager: Abel García

DOPs: Eduardo Santamaría / Romeo Nicoloso

Editor: Victoria Lammers

In collaboration with CANAL SUR and AC/E

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